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Simon Turner
2003-11-30, 08:49
Gawd. I should pay attention to this group and look at the Slim Devices
homepage a bit more often.
I had spent a couple of hours looking around the web for reviews and
comparisons of current DARs and managed to miss any mention of the
Squeezebox (yes I know it's not quite out yet, but I'd have thought there
may have been some provided to reviewers).

Well, I guess it's time to bite the bullet so I've just ordered a
Squeezebox. I'm hoping that demand will not outstrip supply and that I will
receive it before Christmas.

I want to order two but will be using the audio outs on the second one and
am a little concerned that the DAC used in the Squeezebox is the same as the
one used in the Slimp3 as I understand that some of the other DARs have
higher quality DACs (Turtle Beach Audiotron for example).
It appears to be impossible to get any information or comparison about the
final sound quality of these DAR devices and I can find no comparisons via
Google (if anyone knows of any I'd be very interested to see them).

Has anyone compared the sound quality of the Creative wireless offering with
the Slimp3?
I really do want to buy another Squeezebox as I agree with everything about
Slim Devices, but my overiding concern is get the best quality audio
production I can out of my MP3s.

Brighton UK

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Quoting Simon Turner <simon (AT) brighton (DOT) co.uk>:

> Is there a Slimp3 hardware upgrade in the pipeline?
> I'd dearly like to see a better Digital to Audio Convertor and a Digital
> too.
> A version with inbuilt wireless could be handy too.
yer kidding right?
have you seen the website recently?

> Perhaps another version could be made that supported video as well
> (including DivX)...
> Just dreaming.
> Simon
> Brighton UK