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Steve Pawsey-Bowerman
2003-11-30, 07:29

Don't worry, I've had a demo of the Yamaha MusicCast and IMHO there is no
noticeable sound quality difference (when running in MP3 mode). Of course,
this largely depends on the hifi amp+speaker set-up you are running. I've
found that my slimp3 setup connected to my Cirus 8 int. amp (via a good set
of interconnects) and running a mediocre set of speakers (MA Bronze B2)
produces an excellent warm sound (comparable to midrange CD players).

I like the concept of the MusicCast, however, it has many limitations which
by and large are due to the fact it's an 'out of the box' solution. Slimp3
is infinitely more flexible in terms of; number of clients, unlimited
storage space, easy UI.

My argument for the slimp3 (not that I need to give one of course!) is that
as a relative audiophile I will always go for CD for proper reference
listening. However, when it comes to background music or the ability to have
a huge playlist (for parties etc), and where quality is not of utmost
importance, the slimp3 wins hands down due to price/ease of use/ and most
importantly PC integration.

The only thing I would add is, be careful when comparing the price. If you
compared an absolute like for like you would need to factor in the cost of:

1 x PC (be it *nix or Windoze) similar spec to the musiccast (about 80gig
1 x Slimp3/squeezebox client
1 x amp
1 x pair of speakers

Obviously most of us that opted for Slimp3/Squeezebox have all of the above
and hence just need to shell out a reasonable ?210 or ?250 for the slim



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I checked out a MusicCAST review, and saw the MSRP. Holy Cannoli,
Batman! With that budget, I could buy a dedicated Mac G5, a couple of
Squeezeboxen, and still have money left over for twenty or so CDs. Even
an Xserve stashed in the closet with a central home music system would
be competitive for anyone that's comfortable using a computer.

> Thanks a million guys, it just gets better, the prospect of buying
> Yamy's
> Music-cast is firmly left on the shelf!!!

Carl Holmberg
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