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2006-08-01, 21:30
I am running SlimServer on a Windows XP box

Slimserver running off of C:
All Music stored on D:
machine name \\VAULT

I have created some playlists on a Mac (name is \\macmini ) that is on my network. I created the playlists by dragging songs to a mounted share of my music (on above machine)

I woudl like to share (and play) these playlists on my SB3's.

I have tried every variation I can think of for the path to the
iTunes Music Library.xml

\\macmini\Users\twylie\Music\iTunes\iTunes Music Library.xml seems like it should work...

All references to the songs in the playlists section of the xml file all pointing back to Volumes\Workgroup.VAULT\blah

I'm new to *nix and I'm sure this is easier than I'm making it.

Any help or tips appreciated.



Ross L
2006-08-02, 14:43
Sounds complicated.

Referring to iTunes on another machine can be tricky, but it looks like you're using the correct path.

Just curious, have you thought of consolidating everything to one machine?

2006-08-02, 16:06
I tried opening the UNC path directly on my XP box running slimserver and while I could open the XML file (after I dropepd the /Users from my path), I could not get SlimServer to accept that path for an iTunes XML file.

My workaround was at Ross' suggestion - I loaded SlimServer directly on the macmini and switched the server my SB3 was pointing to. Have some updating to do as the OS X nightly I downloaded doesn't match firmware levels of 6.5.1b that I was running on the XP box. Worked for my short term needs. I bumped an old thread discussing fast switching of slimservers on a network... just let me know where to vote :-)

Thanks to support for their quick response and workaround for my kludge setup.


Ross L
2006-08-02, 18:07
Thanks for the kind words.

I'm curious: what do you mean fast switching of SlimServers?

Have you tried holding the left arrow for 5 seconds? Then you can scroll down and choose to connect to a different SlimServer.

This feature works great for my roommates and I for sharing the Squeezebox; this way I can quickly switch from my roommates terrible music to my terrible music!

2006-08-02, 18:36
fast switching for me would be the ability to switch slimservers (running on different machines) via the web interface, even if it required an auto reboot of the SB3 and associated delay.

The "hold down the left arrow" works, but 2 of my players are in the basment feeding a whole house audio system. Running downstairs to switch servers is less than ideal. I read Dean's comments on the bug/feature i found and have a little better understanding of the complexities and security issues. I'd be all for some "presets" of network/server choices and hope this might be in line with the ability to switch in and out of squeezenetwork via the web interface. My current setup has 2 SB3's in the basement - one pointed to my main slimserver and a second that stays logged into squeezenetwork. This gives me control via a laptop, touchpad, or Nokia770 from teh main parts of the house.

Ross L
2006-08-02, 18:58
Now I understand. Thanks for clearing that up. Sounds like you have a lot of toys!

This isn't the first time I've heard this request. I wouldn't be surprised if this 'feature' is implemented in the not too distant future.

2006-08-03, 19:55
On Aug 2, 2006, at 6:36 PM, twylie wrote:
> fast switching for me would be the ability to switch slimservers
> (running on different machines) via the web interface, even if it
> required an auto reboot of the SB3 and associated delay.
This should be possible via a plugin, though I don't think one has
been written yet. Please do enter an enhancement request on
bugs.slimdevices.com with your idea and details.