View Full Version : Apple Mac as SlimServer Question

2006-08-01, 20:07
Nice to see that the Squeezebox can start up the Mac from sleep. Also nice to see that the SlimServer can start the server and the Squeezebox. What about sleeping the Apple Mac server when done with listening? Any plug-ins for that?

Alternative, I'm wondering if just setting the computer to sleep after "X" minutes of activity would work. Is music serving going to keep the computer awake? Is that an activity, or is only mouse moving or keyboard typing an activity?

2006-08-02, 14:50
Processes are not considered activity in general, so the computer would usually go to sleep. However, given that the SB sends a wake-on-LAN packet, if the computer is connected via ethernet then *in principle* once the SB stops sending wake-on-LAN packets, the computer should go to sleep after some prescribed time. In practice, this may not work because I believe the SB talks to SlimServer even when it's not playing music (it periodically updates its clock and has to keep a channel open to send any remote commands). If this is true then I think the computer running SlimServer essentially can NEVER sleep, if wake-on-LAN is enabled... in other words, even a plug-in wouldn't help because as soon as the computer went to sleep, the SB would wake it right back up. Someone please correct me if I'm wrong here.

2006-08-06, 09:29
Cepheid, I'm pretty sure you're wrong. The wake-on-LAN packet is sent when the SB is turned on, I don't think it sends the magic packet all the time.

At any rate, my Mac appears to go to sleep when I want it to, though I'm not sure if I have to send an explicit sleep command (rather than relying on Energy Saver).

Jazz1, there is an "execute script" plugin that can run any shell script you choose, and you can create a script to send the Mac to sleep. I'll give you details if you want.