View Full Version : Slimp3 server skipping last few seconds of songs

Jim W. Howard
2003-11-29, 20:59
Here's a tricky one:

I have a Slimp3 (2.2 firmware on it) and am using 5.0.1 of the software.
When I upgraded to 5.0.0, I noticed that the server started "skipping" the
last few seconds of many many songs (but not all songs) in my playlists.
This behavior continues even though I've upgraded to 5.0.1.

This happens whether I'm listening to the stream on my Slimp3 device or
listening to the stream with something like winamp or windows media

My server runs on Redhat 8.0, Perl 5.8.0, and is not really doing ANYTHING
but being a slimp3 server, so neither network bandwidth or cpu time would
seem to be a problem.

Can anyone suggest a place to start looking for the issue?

It's REALLY annoying to have your playlis going along, and 5-6 seconds
from the end of a song, WHAM it starts playing the next song...

Thanks in advance...