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2006-08-01, 06:26
Hello everybody as i have been using squeezebox V2 product for ages now i have nothing to say more than "WOWW" this thing really rocks however condition change now i am moving out to smaller space and considering buying NAS instead of using my laptop as a server. i have read about linkstations NAS and i think its perfect for me as i could add ext drive later on.

however i have questions:

1. do i actually have other options ? i am on the budget basis and i don't need those infrant NV or any NAS more than 250Gb. The NAS will only be used to replace my laptop function to serve slimserver and a minor centralized database with probably no more than 3 computers. so far the cheapest NAS reported work is linkstation (i am planning to buy 120GB ver.)
2. i have read on some thread saying about firmware problem and stuff. what do i need to be caution about buying new linkstation ? so actually buying newest linkstation is not guaranteed to work ??
3. hows the perfomance of slimserver which runs on linkstation NAS? is it reliable ?
4.consider my knowledge as mediocre, will i require a heavy programming stuff before running the setup ? can somebody perhaps point me the light ?

actually i have drivestastion and thought about NSLU but i've been thinking to sell it to my mates and then re-route the money to the budget of linkstation thats why i really want to make sure that the plan works. and i thought that buying NSLU will add more clutter compared to the plan. and i still dont know if it going to work either

Thanks i know its a long post. cheers my fellow squeezebox mate. i know i have posted this thread at beginners room but i think it is not a beginner issue so i repost the here thanks again

2006-08-09, 01:36
I've been using the LinkStation 250GB device as a SlimServer for a while now. It is a good device if:
1) You don't do a lot of skipping tracks
2) You don't mind some latency between pressing a button and something happening.

The unit was never intended to do anything other than be a file server, so running something like SlimServer on it is really pushing the boundaries of what it will do. I'm actually about to start a thread about how best to optimise for this kind of device. In the mean time, I have reverted to using the LinkStation as a file store, and running the server on an old laptop.

2006-08-21, 03:49
I've just installed Openlink 0.5b onto my Linkstation 250Gb (Mipsel) and Slimserver 6.0.3.

Unfortunately I couldn't manage to get the latest versin of Slimserver on there - have you done this chillijam? When I connected my Squeezebox to the LS, it immediately downgraded the firmware from Squeezebox3 to Squeezebox2, so I've lost things like Squeezenetwork.

I've also found that performance isn't great, so am considering moving back to running the Slimserver on a PC.