View Full Version : Slimserver losing all settings when powered off.

2006-08-01, 01:10
My new Qnap 101 & SB3 combo is working a treat, but I have one problem. Whenever I power down the Qnap, on restarting it, Slimserver has lost all it's settings, including all plugin settings and time/date formatting etc. I'm wondering if the changes I make to the config are dynamic, and there is some kind of permanent save function in Slimserver that I haven't found..? Any ideas? Cheers!

2006-08-01, 06:53
Saving prefs is automatic, but there's a delay between making a change and it being saved (something like 30 seconds), so if you shut it off right after changing something it might not stick. The other possibility is that the prefs file or directory has somehow been marked as reasdonly.

2007-07-13, 10:18
hi, there seem to be so many posts on this, but I ca;t find the right one. On QNAP which directory (assuming defaul install) are the settings saved in, so I can perform a manual backup and restore if thee is an issue??

Does this save directory locations, plugins etc or are the multiple locations to backup??

Many thanks