View Full Version : Not importing some Artist details from Itunes

2006-07-31, 11:32
Just bought my brand new Squeeze box, got it setup very quickly and easily (I am an IT Professional) and got it importing my existing Itunes which it did very quickly but..... 198 songs have "No Artist" after them in Slim Server. All the songs are in the same directory, Itunes has the corrent Artist details. I have re-scanned several times but no joy - this must be a known issue - anyone got any ideas? Help greatfully received

2006-07-31, 14:56
Solved my own problem since my last post. If anyone experiences this problem I can tell you it is solely with double CD's and where I had originally created a library with Itunes. Itunes created the file as nn (representing the disc no.) - nn (representing the title sequence on the disc). Slim Server (presumbably) recognises the disc number field as an additional field and for some reason drops the Artist Name and Album/CD title. It had happened with every Double CD I have in my collection and renaming the files (by removing the first two digits) then rescanning fixes it. Annoying! - with nearly 200 titles affected, but not as annoying as not knowing why it was happening. Future fix maybe?????

2006-07-31, 17:35

I've got a lot of double CDs and have not experienced this problem. Are you relying on SlimServer to use filenames as the basis of its cataloging? If you are properly tagging the files within iTunes, then it should all work properly. I used iTunes to rip all my music, so it was automatically tagged during rip, and none of my double CDs had this issue despite iTunes following that naming convention.

2006-08-01, 10:39

I have been using Itunes (V rip all the CD's, and Itunes recognises them ok but Slimserver doesn't - weird! I have gone through and renamed most of them and rescanned and Slim Server now recognises them all.... a msytery - thanks for your post