View Full Version : Synology CS406, reported as 101+ in SSODS ?

2006-07-31, 11:24
Hi all,

I will admit I'm a beginner ;)

However I managed to install SSODS version provided by flipflip :) And I'm testing it :)

I used the function "System Information", and the report said among other things:

*** /proc/cpuinfo ***

processor : 0
cpu : 82xx
revision : 1.4 (pvr 8081 1014)
bogomips : 266.24
chipset : 8245
vendor : Synology Inc.
machine : DS-101g+

I know it's a CS-406 I have, it says so on the box and earlier in the same function:

*** rc.slimserver status ***

SSODS release: r1b4-ppc.
Hardware: synology_ppc824x_cs406.
SlimServer version: 6.3.1-8476.
Auto start: enabled.
Database size: 4.8 MB.
SlimServer process: running, PID 13720.
Process state: S (sleeping).
Memory usage: 59272 kb total, 54896 kb resident set size.
SlimServer uptime: 0d 01.14:31
CPU usage: 42:47 total CPU time, 58.8% average CPU load.
System load averages: 0.10 0.15 0.33.

But I can't figure the hardware out, is it 400 MHz and 128 MB ram, or is it not ?

Any help would be nice, so I can decided if I would like to buy this h/w or not ;)

2006-08-03, 16:22

If it says "CS-406" on the box, then it probably is a CS-406. :-)

The content of /proc/cpuinfo needn't be correct. The output "ds-101g+" must be the result of one of these ugly hacks synology does to the Linux kernel.

The BogoMIPS look good, a 101g+ would report about 167.

I got the values (400 MHz, 128 MB) directly from the hardware, i.e. I checked the print on the cpu and memory chips against their datasheet.

"sysinfo" should also report about the memory (look for "/proc/meminfo" or "free").

Post the whole output of "sysinfo" here and I can tell you more..


2006-08-04, 05:36
Hi flipflip !

First: Very big thank you for the work you done for the SlimServer software on Synology.

Second: It's a bug within the firmware, confirmed from Synology. It might be fixed in the next released (wich may come in October ?).

I now that I have a CS-406, I opened the box (again).

Thanks for your offer regarding furter help, however I now know it is what it supposed to be.

Next task is to test the RAID-5 function, and performance... After that I might decide to keep the box, and if so I will modify the box to be a bit more quiet....

2006-08-04, 06:49
I wouldn't call that a bug since it will not affect the performance or the functionality. It is the same type of CPU as in the 101g+ (and the 106/106e). It is just a faster model of the same and has no additional features. What the kernel reports about it does not really matter (as long as it works).

Have fun with the device! I reckon that to be the best (off-the-shelf) solution for SS(ODS). Equipped with silent harddisks that would be my dream box. A thousand Euro or so is too much, though.


PS: No, you cannot overclock. :-)

2006-08-08, 11:55
It's a good application for RAID-5, since it's the read performance that is interesting and not write (which is the weakness of RAID-5). Is the CPU also handling the RAID in software, or is there an additional chip for it?

2006-08-08, 12:28
The RAID functionality is software only.

I have tested the RAID-1, with two drives, worked perfectly. I am now in testing RAID-5, and it works perfectly.

It does take time to sync the drives in RAID-1 and RAID-5, however I can see no high CPU usage due to RAID-5. The "feel" is that I can't say if it is RAID-1 or RAID-5 I'm running.... It's the same.

However, I guess that with Gigabit ethernet I might be able to get a difference. The Gigabit test will start later this month when my new Gigabit switch arrives, together with UPS.

Since the Synology CS-406 is prepared for UPS I have choosed to buy one. With RAID-5 it will be a good thing to have ;)

Expensive it is yes. However, if I would opt for say a Linux on a PC box, I would also opt for hardware RAID card and a Hotplug 4-SATA disk in 3 * 5 1/4" space. This will in it selg cost just as much as the CS-406. So it all depends on what You are ready to do and invest in time. I save time by using the CS-406, and cost - that however does not automaticly say that anyone else share this situation and result....

2006-08-08, 12:32
AFAIK it's software raid (Linux kernel modules).

2006-08-08, 13:03
Since I will use the box only for Slimserver/music it's for me better to have a DS-106 + a couple of cheap WD MyBook USB-2 for backup. When I have ripped (almost) all my CD's I won't buy much more CD's, so the backup is almost a one-time affair.

Somewhere between 600 and 800 GB will be enough for the moment, more if I decide to rip the 24/48 tracks from concert DVD's (and also rip from my DVD-Audio discs, but I prefer to listen to them in 5.1 - of course). So I'm thinking of a DS-106 with an internal and one eSATA 300GB or 400GB (have a couple of those at home), if they will work. The Synology Compatibility list is quite short... Connect USB2 disks for backup. When space runs out, move the disks to my wifes "Internet Browser" and buy larger disks at a (then) probably very decent price.

2006-08-08, 16:09
Well sounds like you have a plan.

Just a thought or two about storage: If you need 800 GB, remember that for example my WD 500 GB disks has only about 460 GB formated. The WD disks I use are cool even under load. The 750GB Seagate is a warm disk if my memory are correct. And thinking about all power adapters you might need with the 106 + 2*USB drives + eSATA drive ? Is this realy a economic and lowpower solution ? Just a thought...

2006-08-09, 03:09
Only Samsung or WD drives, and I have taken into account the difference between "marketing BG's" and "real".

There will never be more disks than two continously on, the internal and the eSATA. USB2 disks usually only for backup of the music itself - manual RAID, or other very intermittent usage like storage/backup off the unedited stuff when editing digital video.

I will probably even fit all music I usually listen to on the internal drive and have the eSATA powered off until I want to listen to the more esoteric stuff.

2006-08-09, 08:20
Nice !

Btw I have noticed that my CS-406 spins down the RAID-5 discs after 10 minutes, so the power consumption should be low if the disks are not used. I just got my UPS (RAID-5 without UPS is not an option as I see it) - will test it later today or tomorrow...

Maybe time for a short summary or mini-review, by now I have tested everyting except phpBB on this box...