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2006-07-30, 15:02
I'm looking to clean up my album art and am looking for suggestions on a process and/or tools to do it in mass or batch mode.

In researching this for the past hour or two on the wiki and in these forums I think I am aiming to end up with a cover.jpg in each album folder (I currently use an 'artist\album\song' directory structure) though I'd be delighted to be directed otherwise.

Background (if it helps in providing guidance)
- using nokia skin (both on the 770 on on PCs)
- so am using 6.5
- have 800 or so albums (mostly in 320k mp3 ripped using EAC, some in 320 mp3 ripped using wmp (these are the brand new ones I buy and then rip immediately) and some FLACs ripped using MediaMonkey (I haven't tackled the complete redo into FLAC but am just ripping new cds into FLAC and MP3 (to download into mp3 player)
- have played with MediaMonkey and haven't figured out how to do this on a mass basis
- have played with Album Art Aggregator but it doesn't allow this on a mass basis (creator explained somewhere that since he uses only Amazon as a source and Amazon only allows a limited number of simultaneous requests from one user this wouldn't be happening unless Amazon changed its policy...)
- my tags are in reasonably good shape (I spent what seemed like days a year or so ago with Tag&Rename cleaning them up)
- A number of my current albums DO have album art but I'm not sure where it came from (probably the newer ones ripped with WMP and MediaMonkey?) and it seems to be stored in the tags rather than in a separate file (?)
- I'm not a programmer (alas)

In any case, my two questions:

1) given the above, would you recommend storing the image in a cover.jpg file or in some other way?

2) what process/tools would you recommend for doing this on a mass basis?

2006-07-31, 10:29
I use Album Cover Art Downloader (http://kempele.fi/~skyostil/projects/albumart/) for this task. It's not perfect, but it works OK and it's free. You do have to go through and view each album individually to see the possible artwork choices and select the one you want to use. Given the various covers and image quality that comes up, I would not want any program automatically making this choice for me. (My portable MP3 player, a SanDisk e260, displays such artwork on the screen while its playing.)

2006-07-31, 14:48
I use Album Cover Art Downloader too, does the job for me.

2006-08-01, 07:34
I tend to pull the images myself, usually from Amazon - or a web search if they don't have them - or failing that, scanning the cover myself.

The search, copy, resize and save process usually takes no longer than ripping the CD and you get the right image. (It would take a while if you need to find all the images for an existing collection though!)

2006-08-01, 14:55
I appreciate the advice. I've now gone through one by one (using album art aggregator) each album and downloaded an image as close to 300 x300 as was available. In a few cases the the art doesn't show up in slimserver. I've done a complete rescan and they still don't show up. On further investigation the ones missing from slimserver are also missing from a basic windows 'thumbnail' directory view (so I don't think this problem has anything to do with slimserver). I've poked around a bit and the 'missing' albums DO have the 'cover.jpg' file in the directory.

Does anybody have any troubleshooting advice that I might use to figure out why some (maybe 5%) of the album art isn't showing up?

2006-08-01, 15:19
Does anybody have any troubleshooting advice that I might use to figure out why some (maybe 5%) of the album art isn't showing up?
There are several variations of JPEG files. Not sure if this is the particular issue, but open a couple of them in Photoshop Elements or a similar program, and confirm that their Mode is RGB color. Or perhaps, you need to re-save them as "Baseline Standard" or "Baseline Optimized", rather than Progressive JPEG files.

2006-08-02, 02:14
That Album Cover Art Downloader seems interesting, thanks for the tip! :)

2006-08-02, 04:52
Does anybody have any troubleshooting advice that I might use to figure out why some (maybe 5%) of the album art isn't showing up?
In which view are they not showing up? If you are browsing by artwork, it's usually because you have a song with an incorrect tag. Enable the placeholders and then click on the album to see the songs and the reason might become clear.

2007-06-15, 12:22
Anyone got a .exe copy of Album Cover Art Downloader? Download link is broken.

I'd really appreciate it...

2007-07-03, 00:41
I've got a similar problem. I've used album cover art downloader - I finally found it on the web here BTW spakling:


It worked pretty well and has installed image files (where it could find them) named "folder.jpg" into each album folder. I use the directory structure "genre/artist/album".

I'm using the "touch" interface and Slimserver v.6.3.1 on windows xp pro. When I browse by artwork I don't get any thumbs but if I click on an album the cover shows up. Do I need to make a thumbnail version of each cover or should slimserver automatically generate one?

I've rescanned twice and I'm still getting the same thing.

Any advice greatfully received.


2007-07-03, 01:23
total newbee.....so please be patient !

if I place the artwork jpg in the album folder ...do I call the artwork by the album name ...

then what do I set in setup to view the covers ?

this is probably covered elsewhere I've just not found it !

2007-07-03, 03:21

No. You call the artwork one of a variety of generic names (such as folder.jpg) and Slimserver will recognise it. I forget the full list but if you go to "server settings" in Slimserver and then select "interface", scroll down and you will see a section on it. This section also allows you to specify a specific name you might prefer.

You then need to rescan and once Slimserver picks up the artwork you will have an option to "browse by artwork" as well. Be interested to know if you are able to see thumb sized artwork when you "browse by artwork" or (like me) just the full sized versions when you click on to an album.


2007-07-03, 05:28
cheers mate ..will give it a go

just so Its straight in my head !

each jpg needs the same name ie folder.jpg

that now make sense of the section I read ...I'd convinced myself I'd miss read it !

2007-07-03, 05:39
I use cover.jpg (you can set Album Art downloader to do this) which should then appear associated with each appropriate album folder:

Artist/Album > allsongs.flac, cover.jpg (in my example)

Mark Lanctot
2007-07-03, 06:07
Note: you need a "Clear library and rescan". A "Look for new and changed music" rescan won't pick up album art.

Pale Blue Ego
2007-07-03, 08:33
I don't have a separate folder for each album, largely because I often only include 1 or 2 tracks from each album. This is often because when I catalog a "greatest hits" or "best of" CD, I list each track as being from the original album and year of release.

This makes the ultimate sense to me, because when I browse by Year, I want to hear music that was released in that year.

Anyway, this leads to a couple of problems. cover.jpg doesn't work in a folder that includes tracks from many albums. So I embed the cover art in each file.

Also, many greatest hits CDs and box sets include tracks from albums that were never released on CD. And some box sets include tracks that were never even released on LP, just on 45 RPM singles. Some early blues and jazz were only released on 78 RPM platters. And I have some old radio shows that were never released in ANY format! So it's sometimes hard to find album art. Google Images has been a great source for finding obscure cover art. Wikipedia has also been helpful for researching complete discographies of older artists. In some instances I've ended up creating my own cover art, using a photograph of the performer. And in one instance I end up using a screen capture from a video on YouTube:

The Honeybees singing the 1966 classic "You Need Us":