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2006-07-30, 14:28
Evening all,

I'm finally getting around to bringing my slimserver up to the head of the trunk. This is taking me a while as I've not done an svn up in at least the last two months, and so am currently in the land of sqllite being the default. I already use mysql on my server for other projects, and so have slimserver use this. I'd like to keep it this way, unless there's any compelling reason not to. Could someone give me any pointers about how I do this?

I did try just leaving the config file as it was, and restarting slimserver, but everything just hung. The log got no entries at all after the restart and slimserver.pl ran at 99%. No players could connect, no web interface etc. I dropped and recreated the slimserver database, then restarted slimserver. Slimserver created the schema okay, but then hang in the same way as before. I then got fed up, so deleted the db prefs from my conf file and restarted. After this, things were fine.



2006-07-30, 14:40
I believe all I did (it has been a while) was make sure the following were set in the prefs file:

dbpassword: ''
dbsource: dbi:mysql:hostname=;database=%s
dbusername: slimserver

Change password and username as appropriate, and make sure that whatever user you make it has privs on the 'slimserver' database.

You can leave the database itself empty: if SlimServer can access the database on startup, it should notice it is empty and create the tables for you.

Patrick Dixon
2006-07-30, 15:13
Does this thread help? http://forums.slimdevices.com/showthread.php?t=25106&page=3&highlight=mysql