View Full Version : Songs in playlist being skipped

Steve Bernard, Jr
2006-07-29, 18:11
I'm running the newest svn build of 6.5 on Ubuntu Linux, and for the
last couple of days I've noticed a lot of tracks being skipped in my
playlists. I'll be listening to an album, and it'll suddenly go from
track 7 to track 9 without playing the track in the middle. This can
happen several times in a single playlist.

I was looking into it more today by running --d_source, and I'm seeing
output like this:

2006-07-29 19:50:54.2460 Matched Format: wav Type: flc Command: [flac]
-dcs --force-raw-format --endian=little --sign=signed --skip=$START$
--until=$END$ -- $FILE$
2006-07-29 19:50:54.2463 openSong: this is an flc file:
2006-07-29 19:50:54.2465 file type: flc format: wav inrate: 905 maxRate: 0
2006-07-29 19:50:54.2467 command: [flac] -dcs --force-raw-format
--endian=little --sign=signed --skip=$START$ --until=$END$ -- $FILE$
2006-07-29 19:50:54.2763 Using command for conversion:
"/opt/slimserver/Bin/i386-linux/flac" -dcs --force-raw-format
--endian=little --sign=signed --skip=0 --until=-0 --
"/mnt/audio/flacs/The Hang Ups/Second Story/08-The Hang Ups - Blue
Sky.flac" & |
2006-07-29 19:50:54.3007 openSong: Streaming with format: wav
2006-07-29 19:50:54.5298 readlen undef: (No child processes)10
2006-07-29 19:50:54.5309 end of file or error on socket, opening next
song, (song pos: 0(tell says: . ), totalbytes: 0)
2006-07-29 19:50:54.5314 opening next song...

I can get more output if necessary, but the line with "readlen undef:
(No child processes)10" seems to be the thing. I don't see that in
output when a file plays successfully. There's nothing wrong with the
file itself, since I can back up in the playlist and play it just

Anyone have any idea why it might be doing this? It seems pretty
random, so I'm not sure that I can reproduce it given a specific set
of circumstances, but if there's any suggestions I can try.