View Full Version : Playlists Problem

2006-07-29, 15:04
I'm using a SB3 in my store, using SlimServer Version: 6.3.0 - 8148 - Windows Server 2003 - EN - cp1252 , and my wife has found a problem -

We have a bunch of playlists that we have set up over the last year or so, and we recently discovered they no longer show up on the SB3 or under the playlists option of the server.My employees are all allowed to so into the server from whatever machine around the store and modify the current playlist, and so I thought at first someone had deleted them all, but when I go to the folder on the drive they are all still there.

I tried defining a new playlist folder and moving them all, then rescanning for playlists only, but no go -

Any other ideas?