View Full Version : Various Artists problems again

Philip Meyer
2006-07-29, 05:37
Last night I did a full rescan.

Browsing by artist this morning (PDA - Handheld skin):

1) I realised that I didn't have a Various Artist link on the first page of Browse Artists again (we thought this was fixed on bug 3541 - I guess I should reopen it).

2) I then went to Various Artists under V link - the list of various artist albums looked okay. However, all albums I tried to browse to had no songs.

Since then I have sucessfully browsed various artists via Fishbone skin on my desktop PC and subsequently gone back to handheld skin and Various Artists is now okay (even got the VA link back on first page of browse artists). I haven't done any scanning since I initially saw the problem this morning. I've only been playing songs.

Should I reopen bug 3541 (although I don't know how repeatable this is), or raise a new bug covering 1 & 2 (as it's probably related).


Philip Meyer
2006-07-29, 05:41
I found another related issue.

When browsing via Artists -> Various Artists, if I browse an album, I always get another album ("Love Actually [UK]") in the PWD. eg:

Artists / Various Artists / Love Actually [UK] / The Ultimate Chillout Album


Philip Meyer
2006-07-29, 05:46
Also, Bug 3338 - "Multidisk compilation albums not working" is a problem again.

I have two issues:

1. I have an album that is a two disk set that is coming up in slimserver as two various artist albums. The tags look fine - the tracks are mp3, and I use DISC, DISCC.

2. I have other multidisk albums, tagged in a similar way, that are not listed under Various Artists. I have COMPILATION=1.

Can someone else on the latest trunk check to see if they have the same issue before I investigate/reopen the bug?