View Full Version : Horizontal Red Lines across display

2006-07-28, 15:18
Hi everyone,

I've noticed taht horizontal red lines have appeared across the display on my Squeezebox 3.

When adjusting the brightness, when the display is essentially unlit, I still see the red lines. I have never noticed these red lines before but lately upon turning it on late at night in a dark room, I saw that the Squeezebox was imminating a red glow to the room (the screen looked redish). Upon looking nearer at the Squeezebox 3, I noticed the red lines.

Can anyone else please check in a dark room whether you see such pronounced red lines?

The weird thing is that I have used it frequently in a dark room and always noticed the screen to be mostly black. I have also tried to photograph these red lines but they are most difficult to photograph.

Thanks for your time reading this.

Mark Lanctot
2006-07-28, 15:37
Perfectly normal - these are the cathode filaments and it's normal that they glow red.

See http://hem.passagen.se/communication/vfd.html , item 9 in the diagram.

I'm not sure why you're only seeing them now, but still, nothing to worry about. You should see what they look like with an SB2 in a darkened room! (The SB2 doesn't have a filter gel in front of the VFD).