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2006-07-28, 10:08
That type of playlist file does the SS look for? I tried making a playlist in Foobar but SS doesn't recognize it. I want to be able to make a playlist in an exturnal program and then transfer it to SS.

2006-07-28, 10:54
Most of the usual suspects....pls/m3u/wpl.


If your list is one of these formats and still not recognised by Slim, two things to consider (and sorry if the first of these is a dumb question) 1) have you rescanned your playlists and 2) is the path of the playlist files the same as the path to your music library in Slimserver.

If your playlist says C:\My Music\Album\Song.mp3 and Slimserver thinks your music library is \\mnt\share\Album\Song.mp3, it won't show up in Slimserver.

2006-07-28, 11:30
1) Scan for playlists? I scan for new music but I don't remember seeing a scan for playlist option.

2) My music is in D:\music and my playlists are in D:\playlists. My problem isn't that the playlist can't find the music but that I can't see the playlist.


2006-07-29, 02:23
try clicking on the "new music" option (in the web interface) (which is a drop down box) and changing to "playlists". then click rescan. sounds like that may be your issue. if that doesn't work, post back and i'll explain better what i mean about the paths.

2006-10-03, 21:47
this may be a little bit embarassing...

When creating playlists in a 3rd party app like Foobar on Windows or VLC on OSX... the paths that these programs generate in the .m3u files are different than SlimServer thinks they should be. How does everyone use a Third Party program and get paths that work... is everybody doing some magic text macro editing on the .m3u files after saving them? Or do we really need to make the playlists using a 3rd party app running on the SlimServer box itself?

Right now I have a WinXP SlimServer in the closet but run Foobar on my XP desktop and also VLC on a MacMini also on the desktop.

2006-10-04, 11:41
I make playlists in Foobar, and then I open them up in a text editor and search and replace for the paths.
Hope that helps.

2006-10-05, 14:05
I created playlists in foobar (.m3u) and was able to play music from them before, but all of a sudden when I tried to load the playlists they were all empty. I don't think I've attempted to load playlists since I upgraded to 6.5.1 until last night which was when I encountered the problem. Is it possible that 6.5.1 is causing the problem?