View Full Version : 5.0.1 success

Jack Coates
2003-11-29, 09:25
Mandrake 9.2 (filenames from memory):

urpme SliMP3
urpmi slimserver-5.0.1.noarch.rpm
diff /etc/sysconfig/slimp3.cfg.rpmsave /etc/sysconfig/slimserver.cfg
diff /etc/slimp3.pref.rpmsave /etc/slimserver.pref

Differences were minor, so I just used the web interface to put things
back like I like them.

service slimserver start

I like the progress indicator in Fishbone. The web interface is
noticeably faster, rescans might be quicker too. I haven't tried any
streaming or plugins yet, but I'll be looking for the updated shoutcast
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