View Full Version : Is my SB3 dead?

2006-07-28, 02:53
No start up screen but I can see a red glow in the digital out socket, so there is power. Nothing happens with the remote power button and my computer can't see it on the network.

Is this terminal after 7 months?

2006-07-28, 04:05

Is the SB still dead if you press the left button (keep it pressed).

Also, you see no SLIM DEVICES logo when you switch it on? Otherwise, you could try to reset it to factory defaults (I believe it is pressing the BRIGHT button when you plug the power in... but I could be wrong).

Hope it works out for you, as my SB3 is about the same age... :)



Mark Lanctot
2006-07-28, 06:21
To reset, press and hold the ADD button while power-cycling.

2006-07-28, 07:28
Thanks. But it's definitely dead and going back today.