View Full Version : Killed Slimserver 5.0.0 trying to stream to WinAmp 5rc8!

2003-11-29, 05:44
Thanks, I guess it was asking a bit much...

I've just installed but now my fav internet music stream (and many
others) will simply not play smoothly - just stutters continuously.

I'm trying to play which is a 256kbit stream.
It's not a bandwidth issue (but sounds like it) as I have 2Mbit internet
connection and it works fine through WinAMP. And was working fine on the
SliMP3 about an hour ago! Other lower bitrate streams seem to be ok,
although even some of them stutter a bit.

Any ideas?

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Quoting Toby <mp3 (AT) toby-rutland (DOT) co.uk>:

> Well I've just managed to completely kill SlimServer ( by
> trying to stream music to WinAMP (5rc8). SlimServer was already
> streaming music to a SliMP3 player in the lounge - I was trying to
> sync it with my PC also!

streams in 5.0.0 were broken. download 5.0.1 and you will see better
Sync is not possible for software players. You cannot sync a slimp3 with
winamp due to buffer/latency unpredictabilities and the way streams are
handled versus hardware protocol. The best you can do is load the same
playlist to both and try to start playback for both at the same time.