View Full Version : Apple Lossless Files Delay on Playback

Richard Carrington
2006-07-26, 11:32
Hi everyone,

I've just purchased a SB3 and I'm very happy with it indeed.

However there is one niggle that I can't seem to fix despite scouring the threads here for a solution.

When running Apple Lossless files wirelessly into the SB3 the first fraction of a second is lost before the DAC kick's in and decodes the audio stream. This happens on every track! other wise playback is outstanding but this minor glitch is really winding me up and spoiling my appreciation of an otherwise great piece of kit.
My SB3 is connected wirelessly to a server storing the ALAC files
My SB3 is connected via fibre into a Meridian 568.1 pre-amp so is not using the SB3 DAC.

Any help would be greatly appreciated here.


2006-07-26, 12:42
Which version of Slim Server are you using?

Richard Carrington
2006-07-26, 20:42

I'm running Slimserver 6.3.0.

2006-07-27, 03:00
I thought I might have read about a firmware fix that may address this problem. But it may be that the most recent firmware is available for the 6.5 beta only.

2006-07-28, 12:26

This issue has been reported by others as well. It is officially listed as bug #2095 in bugzilla - please go vote for it! The other relevant threads are this one and this other one.