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Iain Shaw
2006-07-25, 12:24
You have to feel that 20% is one of the more random stats produced. I'd
trust the 100K products sold more. I've got 4 of the rascals - SB1s and
SliMP3s though. I like the look of the Transporter though. :)

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Marc Sherman Wrote:
> Obviously, you're nowhere near the target market. I'm not either. I'm
> pretty sure SD's marketing department know what they're doing here.

In the BBC article today, Slim noted that 20% of their customers are
audiophiles. It makes a lot of sense for them to cater to this market.

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2006-07-28, 08:33
discuss-bounces (AT) lists (DOT) slimdevices.com wrote:
> Mitch Harding Wrote:
>> It may not be SS job, but I do agree that some people may feel
>> entitled to a slicker UI if they paid $2000 for the player.
> Whether
>> that is justified or not is, of course, debatable.
> No problems with that.
> I am not sure how to create the slicker UI though. Should it
> be a fancy remote (like Sonos), a software frontend (like
> moose, but OS agnostic) or implemented in the player itself ?
> In an ideal world it would be all of them.

While a slicker UI would be nice, I am not sure that this is what is needed
most. I would think the main thing is a rock solid and flexible database. I
know that a major part of the 6.5 development is the database, and I have
high hopes that eventually it will satisfy the needs of classical and jazz
listeners. But as an audiophile, I want to be able to store and retrieve all
kinds of information about the recording. Musicians, and the instruments
they play, the record label, performer, composer, conductor, composition,
movement, date of the original recording as well as the date of the
particular pressing, etc. Of course, a UI that would allow me to access this
information will also be necessary. I use CATRAXX to store that information
now, but I would really like to have that information available when I am
browsing slimserver from my handheld or Nokia or whatever while sitting on
my couch listening. I keep looking at Olive units, not so much for the audio
quality, but because in fact they have developed their database to deal with
classical music. I really like the SB, and am sticking it out for now with
hopes that eventually I will be able to properly catalog my library with it.
We will see.


2006-07-28, 09:43
But as an audiophile ... Of course, a UI that would allow me to access this information will also be necessary.
Necessary? I thought audio was about the sound? How many high-end CD players offer this capability?