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2006-07-25, 05:46
Ok now that the transporter has been announced and supports 24/96 source material. Where are people getting music in this format. CDs are only recorded in 16/44 sure you could rip them to 24/96 FLAC but that would give you nothing. I have a few CDs that have DVD-Audio verisons on the flip side with 24/96 format music however due to the heavy DRM on DVD-A I have yet to figure out how to get that music into a useable format. SACD suffers from the same issue. So where is everyone getting this high quality audio?

2006-07-25, 10:24
I think we are suddenly going to see a lot of interest in 24/96 in these forums. For most IMHO its a non-issue as there a lot of quality that can be squeezed out of good old 16/44 (eg lossless CODECs) which even now most don't use. However, my reading of the HiFi magazines is that higher bit rates sound more and more natural (even tho many don't actually notice). The problem as you say is there is tiny amount of source material and few want to rip their own vinyl at anything like this quality.

However, lets search the web and unpack some of this, to generate some answers......

q1. Is it worth recording from analogue at 24/96 rather than 16/44




q2. Can you rip DVD-audio to 24/96 files in some format?

q3. Is it worth upsampling from CD to 24/96


2006-07-25, 11:07
Vinyl transfers are where I get my 24/96 audio files. Even after downsampling to 24/48 it sounds fantastic on the squeezebox. A less 'boxed in' sound than a standard 16/44 file.

2006-07-28, 15:31
A few standard DVD's have a stereo 24/96 track, but the source for 24/96 are usually vinyl rips or DVD-A (which is rippable). SACD isn't rippable on a computer, you need a hacked player (Pioneer 575 and old Denon 2900 are usual choices - http://www.diyaudio.com/forums/showthread.php?threadid=48393&perpage=10&pagenumber=1)

2006-07-28, 21:04
There's quite a lot of live 24/96, e.g. on http://www.archive.org/details/etree (although I haven't tried much of it, since Squeezebox doesn't support these bitrates yet)