View Full Version : Double entries - not sure why - causing trouble

2006-07-23, 11:25
Getting double entries for my FLAC files. One is good, shows all the file info. The other is bogus, shows no file info - causes my media player to croak.

Any ideas?

2006-07-23, 11:49
I just discovered that "Clear and rescan" doesn't clear anything - this could very well be the problem.

Is there a way to manually clear the database?

2006-07-23, 14:21
Go to the server/cache directory (typically this is at C:\Program Files\SlimServer\server\Cache) and rename the file called "slimserversql.db". This is your library database.

Slimserver should be stopped when you do this.

Having renamed it, slim will now build a brand new one (e.g. will build a new library DB, which should remove any dodgy or duplicate entries). You can revert back to the old one, should you need to, by restoring the old slimserversql.db you renamed previously.