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2006-07-22, 07:58
recently upgraded to the 6.3.0 release, but I noticed this even in earlier releases (I think I first started seeing it in one of the 6.3 nightlies).

What's the deal with "various artists" category? I see a listing for various artists when I browse albums or artists - it's kind of annoying, and I want to turn it off. Is there a setting to disable it?

Aside form the fact that I'd prefer not to have it, it seems to list multiple entires for the same disc. I'd expect it to list more than 1 entry for same album if same album spanned more than 1 disc... But even on single-disc albums (with all tracks released in same year) I see several entries.

It looks like the disc is divided into sections: I'm getting a separate disc entry for artists beginning with "D", another one for artists beginning with "O", and yet another one for artists beginning with "R" and "S" (combined). So for this particular album I have 3 different entries for teh same album.

Firstly - can I turn it off? Secondly - if I can't turn it off, can I at least change a setting so that I only have 1 entry per disc (or better still one entry per album, including where album has multiple discs)?


2006-07-22, 08:32
I have the same problem, I was on 6.5 nightly before and now have the mess shown here http://www.fairyliquidizer.pwp.blueyonder.co.uk/albums.png after going to 6.3.1

Does anyone know how to fix this? I didn't get the various artist albums duplicated before?

I am personally happy with grouping under Various Artists but don't like the multiple entries that are now happening. I think you may be interested in changing this setting:


I don't know if it's relevant but I also use MMM (1.5 though). I'm going to zap the DB and see if that helps.


2006-07-22, 08:53
ok, I've looked around the forums and the problem is fixed in 6.3.1 except for people like you and I who are using MusicMagic Mixer.

Perhaps someone can let us know when 6.3.2 is coming!


2006-07-23, 11:11
Cool - thanks for your reply, Fairy.

I've tried cahnging setting for "Use MoodLogic" (e.g. I turned it off) and that reduced the number of duplicates - but only because ML seems to ignore my own tags, and put "what it thinks" should be the tag (which is also very annoying, but that's a post for a different time!)

I'll try disabling "Use MusicMagic" and see if it helps - good to know about the bug though, as it means that Slim are already aware of it and working to fix it :)

Cheers again,

2006-07-23, 14:12
Fixed? (Maybe?)

Been reading a few other threads on related issues and I followed a suggestion to add a further tag to all MP3s which are from "Various Artist" compilation albums. It's relatively straight-forward in my case, since all individual discs are in folder names of "<artist> - <album title>" (with disc number, if appropriate.

In all tracks having path name including "Various Artists" I added a new tag called "COMPILATION" and set this to have a value of "1". In middle of a rescan right now, but it looks a lot better. Only getting one entry per individual disc, so far.

Never used this tag before - previously it was not added to any of my MP3s. Maybe SlimServer now uses this tag since 6.3, and was upset when it couldn't find it?

Whatever the case, it certainly looks a bit better now. Will report back if the problem re-occurs after the rescan is completed.

(Still using MusicMagic at the moment, by the way)

2006-07-24, 02:42
Incidentally - thanks, Fairy, for highlighting the setting about album grouping. This has, indeed, "turned off" the Various Artists thing altogether :) So I have actually got the best of both worlds now:

Setting "COMPILATION" tag fixes the problem if I want to use Varous Artists.

Disabling album grouping, as per your suggestion, turns off Various Artists.

I'm now one satisfied customer :) :) :)

Thanks again!

2006-07-24, 14:35
glad things are working. Things went a bit nuts on my machine. No idea why but Slimserver started hogging the cpu even after a reboot.

So I had to delete everything and reinstall. I'm running without using MMM for now. I'll either do the tag trick or I might wait until they fix it.