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LeVine, Brian E.
2003-11-27, 14:29

The "not refreshing when minimized" problem is with the SlimServer
application window. On my PC, a regular IE window refreshes while minimized
(as tested with kdf's link). I'm running SlimServer 5.0.1, Slimp3 firmware
2.2, IE 6.0.2800.1106, and XP Pro.

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Just to be clear... Is this with the SlimServer application or with a
regular IE window?


On Nov 27, 2003, at 9:45 AM, LeVine, Brian E. wrote:

> The attached link refreshes when opened, while minimized, and when
> maximized
> again. So, everything seems to work correctly. I tried the
> again, and it still freezes while minimized. It seems as though
> something
> in the SlimServer is causing the problem.
> Thanks for helping with this, and Happy Thanksgiving.
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> From: Kevin Deane-Freeman [mailto:kevin (AT) deane-freeman (DOT) com]
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> Subject: [slim] Browser refresh after minimization
> Quoting "LeVine, Brian E." <blevine (AT) kraft (DOT) com>:
>> I tried opening the file you attached, but IE just shows the source
>> code.
> I
>> don't see a table and the page doesn't refresh. I imagine I am doing
>> something wrong, but I'm not sure what.
> maybe something in mailman messes with html. try this instead. it
> may be
> slow
> since my server is a bit off par lately but it shoudl work:
> http://www.deane-freeman.com/~fishbone/test-refresh.html
> -kdf