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2006-07-20, 13:11
This has been talk about earlier in a thread.I can't find it.When I change to a different song a terrible distortion happens.It's when I'm playing of my hard drive.Whats happening?

2006-07-20, 14:00
Some more details would be useful. Operating system, Slimserver version, what player you're using, and some more details about when the noise does/doesn't appear.

2006-07-21, 18:52
Windows XP, 6.3.1,SB3
A terrible loud noise when I switch to a different song off my hard drive,Almost like a cable shorting out.I'm worried it's going to harm my speakers!

2006-07-21, 19:35
Are you, by chance, using the _preamp volume control_ in 'player settings'?

Long noise, short noise, white noise, pink noise?

2006-07-21, 20:20
Long if I don't shut it off.The song stops playing and it sound like a dead short.Thanks for the help anyway.I'll figure it out.

2006-07-22, 09:19
I need to jump in on this thread as I expereinced a steady, LOUD, stream of static from my SB3 connected to my audio system.

While out of town for a few weeks, we had experienced an occassional brown out or loss of power for a very short time at home. I powered up the Squeezebox last night and it sent nothing but static - like you are between radio stations on a tuner - to the stereo. Of course, my last listening level was pretty high on the stereo so I almost p#*&ed my pants at the noise. No matter what input I chose to plug in the SB, all I got was static. I also tried connecting to the Sqeezenetwork with the same result. The SB was connected fine to the Slim Server on my PC. I fixed it by unplugging the SB to reset it.

Anyone have a clue what was going on?

2006-07-22, 09:54
There have been isolated reports of a "white noise of death" which sounds just like what you experienced. It's extremely rare, but I'm sure slim support would like to talk to you as they're trying to find out as much as possible about this problem so they can fix it.

2006-07-22, 11:07
Yes we had a power outage recently to.I'll try unplugging it and resetting it.

2006-07-22, 11:12
had it too. bump