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Rich Freedman
2006-07-19, 18:25
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> Date: Wed, 19 Jul 2006 05:28:02 -0700
> From: DeWayne <DeWayne.2b6zrz1153312201 (AT) no-mx (DOT) forums.slimdevices.com>
> Subject: [slim] Softsqueeze internet setup
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> I've been searching the forum with no luck. I want to run softsqueeze
> at work connecting to my home slimserver.
> At home I opened up ports 9000 and 3483 in my firewall router and
> pointed to my slimserver. Windows firewall is off. I have slimserver
> set to allow connections from anyone (for now). I'm not sure if I'm
> setting up softsqueeze correctly though. Under the networking tab I
> have the HTTP port set to my home IP address from my ISP with the
> :9000. I don't know what to set the SlimProto port to? I also tried
> turning off Nortons worm protection at home and that didn't help. Do I
> need to open ports on my work firewall router? I use pcanywhere and
> have no problem connecting with it. Is there any setup instructions
> anywhere that I'm missing? Thanks for the help in advance.
> -- DeWayne
I also have port 9095 open. Port 9000 should only be required if you
want to use the web interface to the server.

2006-07-19, 23:40
> I also have port 9095 open.

What's that one for? Never seen it.

> Port 9000 should only be required if you want to use the web interface
> to the server.

No, you'll need it for streaming, too.

BTW: this topic has been discussed many times before. And it most often
ended in "don't do it. install SSH". Which is the right way to go. Your
slimserver will be opened up to the world, and it's definitely _not_
designed with security in mind.



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