View Full Version : Softsqueeze internet setup

2006-07-19, 05:28
I've been searching the forum with no luck. I want to run softsqueeze at work connecting to my home slimserver.

At home I opened up ports 9000 and 3483 in my firewall router and pointed to my slimserver. Windows firewall is off. I have slimserver set to allow connections from anyone (for now).

I'm not sure if I'm setting up softsqueeze correctly though. Under the networking tab I have the HTTP port set to my home IP address from my ISP with the :9000. I don't know what to set the SlimProto port to?

I also tried turning off Nortons worm protection at home and that didn't help. Do I need to open ports on my work firewall router? I use pcanywhere and have no problem connecting with it.

Is there any setup instructions anywhere that I'm missing? Thanks for the help in advance.