View Full Version : Rhapsody and Slimserver Issue

2006-07-18, 19:10
I recently downloaded the latest version of Slimserver and Rhapsody (I had been using an old version of both along with Realslim) now that I have done this and Rhapsody and Squeezebox are working together I can't get the two to work. My Slimserver see's the Rhapsody Media Server and all my artists and playlists. But when I tell slimserver to play my selection from Rhapsody the slimserver says play but the song does not launch in Rhapsody. Has anyone experienced this or can anyone suggest a possible fix!

2006-07-18, 19:15
What model Squeezebox do you have? Does your SB display an error message when you try to play? What if you browse using the remote and play something from there?

2006-07-18, 19:41
I am using a squeezebox 1. There is no error message, and when I use the remote to browse it finds the Rhapsody Media Server, finds my playlist and then when I tell it to play it says on my display on the squeezebox "NOW PLAYING....Connecting....the song title." The Rhapsody is not responding or sending the song.
On the old versions it would launch the Rhapsody and it would pop over or cover whatever browser window I was viewing. Nothing happens now.. Thanks for your input.

2006-07-18, 19:44
Yeah sorry about that, Rhapsody support requires SB2 or 3. I neglected to put in any error message for unsupported players. That error message will be in 6.5.

2006-07-18, 19:48
Oh that sucks...I guess I should have done a little more investigating before wiping out my old versions of Rhapsody and Slimserver. Guess Im buying a new Squeezebox. Thanks for your help.