View Full Version : Sirius Plugin Problem

2006-07-18, 11:04
I am having trouble with the new Sirius plugin. Installed lastest version of Slimserver and Sirius plugin. The plugin shows that it is available in Slimserver however, when I click on it, it says, "logging in" and then I get a "page not displayed" and slimserver stops. I have restarted PC and slimserver several times. Re-entered credentials for Sirius login. Modified IE's browser to accept all cookies from sirius.com. Deleted all cached cookies, and temp internet files. I am able to login directly to Sirius and it plays fine. I'm not sure what else is left........HELP

p.s. I note that when you go to Sirius.com and play through the internet, it prompts you not only for your credentilals but there are "letters" you have to enter to authenticate you. Could this be the issue? I think not though because it seems some others have been able to get this to work.

Thanks in advance for any solutions.


2006-07-25, 19:40
Hope you sorted this out. I'm new to all of this, but I installed the 'SlimServer Version: 6.5b1 - 8593' version last night and it is working perfectly today.