View Full Version : MusicMagic Mood Mix

2006-07-17, 13:41
Has anyone experienced having a SB3 stop after the 1st song in a playlist generated from the "MusicMagic Mood Mix " plugin? The SB3 will play the entire song then stop playing all together even though there are additional songs in the playlist. I have unplugged the SB3 several times to reset the system but this hasn't prevented this from re-occurring.

Is there a setting that I need to change to resolve this or some other fix?


2006-07-18, 04:44
Can I check what you do the get the mix and play the list? What I do is browse to the 'seed' song using the SB remote, press and hold play until 'music magic mixing' appears on the screen, and then press play again to play the seed song and the rest of the mix. Is this what you're doing?

2006-07-18, 13:24
Yes, I use the same procedure.

It starts to play the entire song from the playlist, finishes the song and then nothing else. It acts as though there aren't any more songs in the playlist.

After this I have check the playlist to see if the other songs are there, and they are. Then I have even tried to select the other songs from the playlist and nothing happens.

In addition to just restarting the SB3 I have reset the SB3 to the factory settings and the problem still exists. I'm on firmware version 35 .