View Full Version : Clear Library and Re-Scan Doesn't Clear Existing PLaylists.

2006-07-17, 11:14
I have upgraded to 6.3.0 only to find a problem. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news.

I first trried the conventional re-scan (delete everything and re-scan) only to find orphan playlists from some time ago. Aha, easily solved....I deleted the file "slimserversql.db" but this did not work either! the re-build is exactly the same.

Very strange indeed. Re-scanned at least twice no effect. Deleted slimserversql.db again, but the old playlists appear like a pheonix from the ashes. Help!

thanks. BTW there are 133 playlists in my itunes setup, not that this should make a difference.

SlimServer Version: 6.3.0 - 8148 - Windows XP - EN - cp1252
Itunes 6.0.4

2006-07-18, 01:34
Slimserver must pick them up from somewhere. Are you sure they don't still exist anywhere on disk?
Also make sure there isn't more than one db file on your drives. Maybe you deleted the unused file from an older installation.
Search for something like slim*.db


2006-07-18, 13:11

I've solved it, or rather I have traced the problem. The playlists with "&" are being abbreviated. For example R&B => R!

This is happening on every re-scan making me think it was an old playlist.

Is anyone else having this problem?????