View Full Version : My own DIY power supply!

2006-07-16, 17:18
I made this recently. It's an adjustable dual power supply that is configurable in several different ways (half-wave, full-wave, etc.). Right now I have it set at 12.5 V, but I think I may make one for my SB3. I just need to get some heat sinks for the regs. The labels are digikey part #'s.

2006-08-01, 12:12
Hi i now the voltage on the delivered supply is 5,15 v dc. Can anyone tells me what the maximum input voltage is for sqb.3

2006-10-25, 09:05
Any update on your power supply? What are your thoughts?

Edit: Sorry, I found your website. Great work!

2006-10-25, 18:05
Thanks, for the compliment. I'm actually not using the power supply for my SqueezeBox, but I am using it for my DAC. I like the simplicity of it, but my next project will be to work on a more sophisticated design. I am now of the opinion that PSU doesn't really matter for the SqueezeBox, especially if you are using the digital output. The SqueezeBox has switching regs on the inside, so anything you feed it is pretty much screwed anyway. However, if you design your own DAC like I did, it's probably worth the effort to improve the power supply, so that's what I'm going to do.