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Philip Meyer
2006-07-16, 14:50
I have an album "Trojan Dub Massive Chapter Two", that has ALBUMARTIST=Bill Laswell, and has various contributing artists for each track. The COMPILATION tag is not set so it doesn't appear as a various artist album.


1) The album appears under artist "Bill Laswell" (sorted by B). I have two rows in contributors table:
id, name, namesort, namesearch, customsearch, moodlogic_id, moodlogic_mixable, musicbrainz_id, musicmagic_mixable
335, '', 'LASWELL BILL', 'BILL LASWELL', '0245505279355', , , '',
336, '', 'BILL LASWELL', 'BILL LASWELL', '0245505279355', , , '',

I thought before that it may be dependant on the order in which the music library is scanned. I thought that if other albums existed where there were tracks with an artistsort tag, then an album that has an albumartist tag would use that same artist data (and therefore share the artistsort tag).

It looks like the scanner scanned one of my other Bill Laswell albums first, and then scanned the album that only has a "Bill Laswell" albumartist. Rather than using the same artist row, it created another?

We really could do with an ALBUMARTISTSORT!

2) The contributing artists are not displayed in the song display format when browsing the album in Web UI. Eg I see "1. Drum Rock from Trojan Dub Massive Chapter Two" instead of "1. Drum Rock by The Upsetters from Trojan Dub Massive Chapter Two".