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James S Stubbs
2003-11-26, 14:42
Hi Kevin,

Thank you for the re-install instructions and for the very clear
debugging process.

As soon as I started the debugging, the stream behaved its self
(Typical!!). However if it is any help I did notice the following: It
appears that that it would swap from stream (Cyclic) to stream for about
10 Mins then settled on stream 3 of 3 for about 10 Mins and then I
noticed continuous interruption (where the timer would go for a few
seconds and then back to zero and count up again ..... an so on. As I
type it is behaving its self again timer says 11 Mins.

I will keep version 5 at the moment and if I can get the Slimp to stop
again I will send you the log.

Once again thanks for your help.

Best wishes.


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Quoting James S Stubbs <stubbsjuk (AT) yahoo (DOT) co.uk>:

> Many Thanks Kevin,
> I had already loaded today's update.

Oh! sorry, misread that. Try one from a couple days ago then, instead
of latest. just go up to the parent from latest/ on the download site.
Streaming to Slimp3 worked great when I last used it a few days ago.

> If I want to go back to the last version of 4.X.X will it un-install
> SlimpServer5 and reload Slimp3 Server? or do I have to do some thing
> else.

The Slimp3 installer is not aware of SlimServer so there is no automatic
conversion like there is goig forward. You'll have to do an uninstall
from Control Panel, then reinstall 4.2.6.

For debugging: go into server settings, advanced server settings,
debugging. Check the box beside d_remotestream and click "change". After
the page reloads, you'll see a message at the top with a link to view
the log. Click on that, then try to access your stations. Refresh the
log (or wait for it to do it
automatically) and copy what you find there.