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Steve Pawsey-Bowerman
2003-11-26, 14:40
If you mean Dolby Theatre Sound (as in the 5.1 surround etc). In theory it
should work depending on what frequency the DTS test was sampled at. The
reason being is that the surround is decoded in a carrier signal which is
marginally outside the standard spectrum. I'll have a dig around and

However, it must be a loss less sample since lossy samples (like MP3) will
strip out the unwanted frequencies - hence the carrier signal!!


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Excuse my ignorance, but how exactly do you rip a DTS wav file?


On Nov 26, 2003, at 5:42 AM, jc (AT) oreo (DOT) nl wrote:

> Hi,
> I have a couple of DTS demo files that work great when played on a
> standard CD player with digital out and sent to a DTS receiver
> (obviously using the digital out).
> Would squeezebox be able to play these too (if sent as wav to the
> sqeezebox?) if connected to the receiver through the digital out?
> Thanks,
> JC
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