View Full Version : Mark directories in "Music Folder" view

2006-07-15, 12:37
Hi all, this is my first post, so let me begin with describing
my excitement with SlimServer 6.3.0 Built 8154. The RPM installed
like a charm on my Fedora Core 3 box (Pentium 200MMX, 320 MB Ram)
after I did a "yum install perl-Digest-SHA1". There's only a minor
flaw with umlauts, but that's probably because I was silly enough
to use a VFAT partition for my MP3s. I'm planning to buy a faster
box for SlimServer anyway, and then I'll surely use ext3 (on CentOS)!

But now for my question:

When I browse my "Music Folder" there's no distinction between
single files and directories. Both use a "normal" font. Which file(s)
do I have to edit in order to change the directory font to bold?