View Full Version : Accented characters in titles display incorrectly

2006-07-15, 06:39
Hi I've an Infrant NV holding all my music, talking to my SB3. When I had all my music on my Mac, the SB displayed accented characters correctly. When I moved to the NV with 6.2.2 they stopped being OK. I've just installed 6.3.0 & it's still the same. Anyone else found a solution or got the same problem?.

Cheers, Derek

2006-08-19, 13:00
I have 6.3.1 with the latest NV beta 'b7' and I have the same problem. It's a little silly, as after installing the font add-on from the Infrant forum it now displays crylic characters fine on the SB3 display and in the browser, but not simple acute accents such as .

2006-08-21, 13:24
Ok, I've done a full rescan and the accented characters are fine now. :)