View Full Version : AAC files in windows server 2003

2006-07-14, 22:02
I am unable to decode m4a files on my server 2003 setup. If I convert to flac they work finbe, but then I have to maintain two copies of my entire library. ANy suggestions to use my existing m4a files?


2006-07-15, 03:53
Were they purchased at the Itunes store? If so, Slim Server can't decode Apple's DRM.

2006-07-15, 05:00
You need Quicktime to decode M4A files - it may not be installed on Windows 2003 Server.

2006-07-15, 12:11
Yes, and I keep getting an errorwith mov123 is there anoth program I can use for this purpose? It appears mov123 is not compatible wiht server 2003, or at least not fully compatible

2006-07-15, 13:28
I really think you should try to get MOV123 working - check a/v software to ensure it enabled.

Otherwise you could try using Mplayer. The easiest way to install Mplayer quickly is as part of the AlienBC installation. There is an EXE.

The following lines for convert.conf are based on a suggestion for Linux users to support M4A (as there is no Quicktime) with a mod necessary for Windows. I think it should work but I can't test it.

mov mp3 * *
[mplayer] -novideo -ao pcm:file=#PIPE# $FILE$ | [lame] --silent -q $QUALITY$ -b $BITRATE$ - -

mov wav * *
[mplayer] -novideo -ao pcm:file=#PIPE# $FILE$