View Full Version : Looking for version 6.3.1

2006-07-14, 15:55
I decided to test the 6.3.0 build and can't get it to run.
Someone suggested that I try 6.3.1, however, when I click on the link:
# Download the 6.3.1 build, which are small, safe bugfixes since the 6.3.0 official release.

It takes me to the nightly build. Is that the same thing & is it stable?

2006-07-14, 16:07
6.3.1 is a nightly build for the moment.

2006-07-14, 17:34
To elaborate a little - 6.3.1 is not yet an official, released version and so it can't really be considered "stable". However, it's basically 6.3.0 with some bugfixes and no new features, so it should be pretty solid. It's certainly worth trying if there's something in 6.3.0 which is causing you problems.