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2006-07-14, 14:58
I just recieved my wireless SB3. It does not connect to my wireless system as well as I was hoping for. I have an old 802.11b access point. The SB connects with fluctuating signal strength 6-30%, and there are many dropouts, so my flac files are more or less impossible to play.

My laptop connects at a constant 90% signal strenght when located right next to the SB, so softsqueeze works flawlessly on flac files.

Is the wireless connector so much worse than the one in my laptop, or could there be something wrong in my setup? Would it make a real difference to upgrade to a newer 802.11g system?

Suggestions appreciated.

My system:
Router: Zyxel Zyair B2000 running with MAC filtering
Slimserver: 6.5B debian nightly build

2006-07-14, 15:05
Would it make a real difference to upgrade to a newer 802.11g system?


Also, do some googling on good practices to increase your WiFi signal strength. You can do Macgyver-type stuff (e.g., pringles can directional antenna) as well as common-sense stuff (put your access point in a central location, not in the basement).

good luck,

2006-07-14, 17:02
Try building a cardboard and foil antenna reflector for your router from http://www.freeantennas.com/

I built the parabolic one in about half an hour and it turned a flaky connection to rock solid.

2006-08-08, 11:19
wow ! it sounds great !
I have already added Pingles to my shopping list.

2006-08-08, 12:06
I have already added Pingles to my shopping list.
Try not to buy a leisure centre. It'll be expensive and won't increase your signal strength - http://www.nbleisuretrust.co.uk/page7.asp.
Try to get the funny round crisp things - www.pringles.com/.

However, it worries me that you get a good signal strength from your laptop when it is sitiuated next to your SB. To me that points to a problem with the wireless card in your SB. I remember that there were a few similar reported problems with the SB1 and 2. The problem seemed to be that the wireless card had come loose in the box. Reseating it cured the problem.

I don't know how handy you are with a screwdriver but it may be worth looking inside. Watch out for invalidating your warranty though (not that Slim have seemed too worried about this in the past).


2006-08-08, 13:37
I've upgraded to a better wireless access point (Linksys wrt54gl). That helped a lot, but there are still occasional dropouts. Signal strength varies between 10% and 35%

I then build a cantenna. I tried a parabolic type and a pringles type antenna. I could not see any results out of that

I then upgraded the firmware in my Router to allow for increasing the transmitting strength which gives me a signal strength of 12-40 %

The minipci card seems to be correctly installed.

Maybe I'll just buy another access point and place it where the squeezebox can see it. My current access point is located 50ft away and the signal has to pass 3 cement walls