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2006-07-13, 12:56
I like the look of the Squeezebox; I found out about it from the much-loved Pandora people. Have been considering getting some sort of networked player for my stereo.
Just the other day we picked up a Western Digital NetCenter network hard drive to do backups:
Afterwards, I began thinking - could I use this to serve mp3s to a Squeezebox without having my computer on? i.e. does it have enough smarts to run the SlimServer?
(I searched the forum for NetCenter and didn't see an answer to this specific question)
If not, are there other players in which more smarts live on the player and not on the server?
Thanks for any info!

2006-07-13, 13:11
Thinking the other way, there are loads of simple NAS boxes that are able to run SlimServer. Qnap TS-101 units purchsed through Progressive AV (and their distributers) in the UK runs SlimServer and is fully supported by them. Infrant also sell the ReadyNAS NV which is a 5 drive RAID box that can run SlimServer.

Many other units can have their OS altered to run SlimServer such as the Buffalo, Linksys and Sinology units.

There are dozens of threads on these subjects. I've not heard anything about the NetCenter though.

Here is a Page from the Wiki:
scroll down to "NAS Devices" about half way down.

i hope this is of use to you :)

2006-07-13, 13:19
Nah, now that we have this thing and are already using it, I don't want to (and wouldn't likely get authorization to) buy something else that does the same thing :)
This drive was much cheaper than e.g. the ReadyNAS, which tells me it's probably not capable, but I was hoping!

2006-07-14, 09:21
Don't compair it to the RadyNAS as it is a 5 drive RAID-0/1/5 device where as the Qnap, Synology, Buffalo, Linksys and WD devices are for a single drive. Completely different beasts.

Give it time, if it is possible, someone will figure out how :)