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2006-07-13, 10:21
I thought I'd put together a post about why I love my Squeezebox to help lighten things up here. Seems to be some frustration on the board recently and I wanted to spread the love.

I bought my SB1 when they first came out. I've been ripping MP3s since the early 90s but never really got into it heavily until I got my SB1. I remember when SD announced the SliMP3 player and I said to myself - now that is sweet. I can't remember why I did not buy one at the time. I was young and had tons of disposable cash - the reason really escapes me. When they announced the first Squeezebox I was sold and was all in right away. My MP3 collection had grown considerably by then and I had discovered the wonders of EAC's Secure Rip and the LAME MP3 alt-presets. I was on my way to endless music heaven with a smile from ear to ear.

Now, the SB1 is not as pretty or sexy as the SB3 is today, but that's fine with me. It does one thing and it does it amazingly well. It has been rock solid since the day I bought it and everyone I've shown it to has been wicked impressed at the ease with which you can access all your music as well as Internet radio and what not. The web interface and Softqueeze player make it accessible from anywhere. When we have parties, it's running an appropriate mix in the background all the time, setting the mood just right. I plan on having this sucker around cranking out tunes for a long long time.

Not only does it work well, but it sounds awesome. I am still impressed to this day with the sound quality from all the outputs. I used to run the Digital Optical SPDIF out to my receiver for optimum sound. When I needed that optical input on my receiver for my HD cable box, I switched the SB1 over to use RCA connectors on a different input. I was thinking I'd take a hit on sound quality, but hell, it was just as good. Now, my system is not super high-end nor am I an audiophile, but I could not tell if there was a difference. And with the control integrated into my Harmony 880 remote, I'm all set for ease of use.

I totally love my Squeezebox v1 and will be a SlimDevices fan for life because of the experiences I have had with it so far and continue to have. MAD props to all the employees, developers and volunteers that have made the Squeezebox and SlimServer such amazing products over the years and for years to come. There really is nothing else out there like it for the price and flexibility. Not even close. A true Open Source success story. How many other companies are out there where the developers, CEO, CTO etc... are regularly on the discussion boards answering questions, helping users out and taking input? I can't even think of another.

Well done SlimDevices... well done indeed.


2006-07-13, 19:22
Me too!

>From time to time I let myself post replies to messages that I should really
just delete... sorry for inflaming anything more than it already was.

I was struggling with a soundcard in my Linux server and a cable to my
stereo... I did some research and found the SliMP3 and some other stuff
(Barix Exstreamer and Roku are the only ones that I remember). I chose the
SliMP3 because of its open source Perl software, plugged it in and listened
to Kraftwerk's Autobahn. I couldn't believe how good it sounded, and I have
been ridiculously happy with it ever since.

The thing that I love most about it is the flexibility of output -- I've put
a set of Edirol MA-20Ds in the living room with a SB3, a Tivoli Model Two
with subwoofer and SB2 in the office, and an old set of Cambridge Audio PC
speakers in the kid's room with an SBG... all three sets take less space and
power than the Marantz tuner and four bookshelf speakers that they replace,
accept control from any room instead of just one, and sound just as good if
not better (the Marantz was bass-heavy).

The only problem I can say I've had is that I've had to become a lot more
careful about tagging, and I have to wipe and rescan more than I like. I
can't complain now that I know what the problem is, but it took a while to
figure out.

As for usability and value to Joe Sixpack, I'm too used to the long, stupid
OS arguments on the newsgroups (remember those? heck, remember the battles
on here about mailing list vs. forum?). They didn't solve anything there,
and they won't solve anything here... all they do is distract the
participants from actually doing anything about meeting Joe Sixpack's needs.
The only proper solution to inflammatory posts/emails/messages is the delete
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2006-07-14, 08:02
The only problem I can say I've had is that I've had to become a lot more careful about tagging, and I have to wipe and rescan more than I like.
Yeah - I learned all about that when I got my first iPod. With the iPod, it's all about the tag.