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Steve Barton
2006-07-12, 08:07
My existing wireless system uses Buffalo Technology AirStation, etc. and is configured using their AOSS automatic encryption system. My Squeezebox finds the network but says it can't connect. What am I doing wrong and what must I do to resolve this?
Thanks Steve

2006-07-12, 08:14
I think you'll need to disable AOSS and manually enter a WPA key.

2006-07-12, 08:19
I don't know anything about AOSS, but I would immediately suspect an incompatibility there. For starters, try turning off the encryption on the router and connecting the SB without encryption. If you can connect without encryption, then try it again with encryption, but if you have the option of doing standard WEP or WPA on the router instead of AOSS, use that. Note that WPA is highly preferred to WEP for security reasons.

Good luck. If you post back, you should probably do it in either the "General Discussion" or the "Beginners" forum. This forum (SqueezeNetwork) isn't for general network issues, but for the streaming internet service provided by Slim Devices (www.squeezenetwork.com). Easy mistake to make.

2006-07-12, 08:22
I looked at the AOSS white paper and it looks like a proprietary system that will only work on an all-Buffalo network. Your life will be much easier if you handle the security of your network yourself instead of relying on a closed system such as this. :)


Steve Barton
2006-07-14, 08:05
Thanks for the help. Disabling the AOSS system solved the problem. I am now using WEP 128-bit encryption. Works as long as you use the full 26 characters.

2006-07-14, 08:13
Cool, although you should use WPA if possible, as WEP is horribly insecure. :)