View Full Version : Volume level (mp3gain replaygain) MP3 and FLAC

2006-07-12, 02:26
I've recently started to re-encode some of my CD:s with flac.
The problem is that my Mp3 collection has gone trough mp3gain set to 92db and the flac tracks are much louder than the mp3 ones.
This makes it impossible to mix FLAC and MP3 for me becuase the volume changes to much..
Do i need to redo the mp3gain (which i don't really want because of clipping etc) or is there anything else that can be done?
Is the solution to get replaygain values into all my MP3 files e.g via foobar, would it then work ok when playing mixed formats?

I often shuffle on a lot of CD:s so having everything on the same level is very important...
The gain control in slimserver as i udnerstand only works with e.g. only FLAC files and does not seem to work with mixed files?

I have squeezebox v3 and use slimerver 6.3.0

2006-07-12, 05:32
I use foobar2000 for replaygain. I would redo both formats using it.

2006-07-12, 07:04
One possibility - you could disable the Squeezebox's internal
flac handling and adjust the volume downward in your
slimserver-convert.conf file. The --apply-replaygain-which-is-not-lossless option takes a
dB value for adjustment:

flc wav * *
[flac] -dcs --force-raw-format --endian=little --sign=signed --apply-replaygain-which-is-not-lossless=-3 --skip=$START$ --until=$END$ $FILE$

This will reduce the volume of flacs by -3dB. It will stream
as wav instead of flac so your network will need to handle
the added bandwidth. If the slimserver-convert.conf file does
not exist, create one in your main slimserver software
directory and restart the server.

2006-07-13, 02:10
Thanks for the suggestions.

Seems that after som testing th eonly change needed was to use track gain setting in slimserver, then it worked fine and i can keep my mp3gained mp3:s, the smart gain didn't seem to work.