View Full Version : IE7 and Slimserver

2006-07-12, 01:01
I foolishly installed IE7 beta 3 thinking it would work like beta 2 only better and now I can't get slimserver to run!

It did briefly pop up a yellow bar saying that the intranet was disabled by default and I assume that this is the problem.

Anybody know how to ENABLE it again?

2006-07-12, 02:55
It's not to nag you, but just install Firefox.

2006-07-13, 15:07
I don't think the "Intranet settings" IE 7 is complaining about are causing the problem.

What happens now when you try to look at Slimserver?

Also, in the lower right corner of your screen, in the "System Tray" there's a little Squeezebox icon that shows the status of Slimserver. Does it have tiny green lights on it, indicating that Slimserver is still running? Or has it crashed?

Thanks for any info!

2006-07-14, 05:02
On booting, Slimserver was running nicely in they tray until something tried to connect to it which caused the "lights" to go out.

I finally sorted it last night (after several trial and error attempts) by uninstalling IE7, my firewall and Slimserver and then re-installing in the same order.

Everything now seems to be working OK - or was before I left for work!

2006-07-14, 13:58
My player is working, but since I updated to the new slim server and latest firmware my icon is gone. Do I still need to see that?