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2006-07-11, 23:58
Hi all,

I have bough a wired SqueezeBox 2 a while ago but need wireless access now. So I have bought a SMC wireless ethernet bridge (model SMCWEBT-G). All device are set up with fixed IP addresses, nothing very special.

The strange thing: when I connect the SB to the ethernet bridge directly using either a crossed or a non crossed ethernet cable it does not get any connection to my wireless network. But when I connect the SB and the bridge via a (very simple) ethernet switch it does work (only the two devices are connected to the switch).

Are there any ideas of what causes this behaviour? What functionality does the switch add in this case?

2006-07-12, 00:23
Well, I know you've said you have used both a crossed and non-crossed cable, but the symptom you describe sounds exactly what you'd expect if your crossover cable was faulty 9or not really a crossover).

Are you sure its ok?


2006-07-12, 01:53
Thanks for your response Ceejay. I agree, the symptons are like that. But I have tried both cables using the switch and they are both ok. And one of them is crossed, the other one not. I have checked the order of the colored cables at the ethernet plugs.

Strange enough: using either of the cables for a direct connection I see the ethernet LED of the wlan bridge lighting up and flashing every now and then. So according to that LED there ist an ethernet connection and there is traffic (the SB trying to get through to the server).

So either the bridge or the SB "crosses" the connection when needed (I do not know the technical name of that functionality, but my iBook does this too so that there is never a need for a crossed cable). Can there be a negotiation problem when both devices try to "cross" the cable (BTW: does the SB do this?)

2006-07-12, 05:35
I've seen this also.

I was try to use my wireless SB3 in wired mode through a Belkin AP, to see if the AP could get a better signal in my kitchen.

The SB seemed to work for a while and then lost connection to the network.

My T42 thinkpad connected on the same cable was able to communicate on the network just fine.

Tried DHCP, Static IP's but nothing worked. Eventually gave up. I believe a switch might be needed.

2006-08-17, 20:27
I bought 2 SB1's a long time ago, and two 802.11g bridges to add them to my network. They worked for a while, and then one started working intermittently, then hardly at all. Plugging a laptop into the same wireless bridge worked just fine. Plugging the OTHER SB1 into the wireless bridge that the problem SB1 was plugged into also worked. I was at a loss, but per this thread, I tried inserting a cheapo hub between the bridge and the SB1 that was acting poorly, and presto! it worked fine... Thought I'd post that here in case anyone has the same problem.