View Full Version : Specific tag problems with 3.6 on ReadyNAS

2006-07-11, 23:14
I've just upgraded to 6.3 and re-scanned, this has resulted in a few duplicates and a whole lot of question marks:

Apologies To The Queen Mary? by Wolf Parade? Play Add to playlist
Colours? by Adam F? Play Add to playlist
Without Feathers by The Stills Play Add to playlist
You Could Have It So Much Better? by Franz Ferdinand? Play Add to playlist
Wolf Parade EP2? by Wolf Parade? Play Add to playlist
X&Y? by Coldplay? Play Add to playlist
White Stripes? by The White Stripes? Play Add to playlist
White Blood Cells? by The White Stripes? Play Add to playlist
Warren Zevon tribute album? by The Pixies? Play Add to playlist
Weeds OST? by The Mountain Goats?, The New Pornographers?, Martin Creed?, Melvina Reynolds?, Nellie McKay?, Peggy Lee?, The Be Good Tanyas?, Michael Franti & Spearhead?, NRBQ?, Sons & Daughters?, Sufjan Stevens?, Marion Black?

Now - I'm really not sure where these are coming from, I'm 99% sure the tags are all correct and I'm just wondering why these questions marks are appearing all of a sudden - I though after 6.2.2 I'd really cleaned up my tags and was hoping to not have to do it again...

Being a NAS I can't jsut change versions so easily so I'd prefer to solve it by getting my tags right, if they're not!

Any ideas??

2006-07-12, 02:51
Some more info might help:
Collection is Mp3s and FLACS

All FLACS have FLAC tags.
All MP3s have ID3v2.3 (seems to be where the problem lies) or ID3v2.4 tags (seem ok) as well as ApeV2 tags.

It would seem reading of ID3v2.3 is broken...

2006-07-12, 16:21
Nothing like fixing it yourself...

I converted all tags to ID3v2.4 tags using Mp3Tag and all is well again.

Shouldn't have had to do it though!