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2006-07-10, 17:25
How can I access the slim server database directly?

Ben Sandee
2006-07-10, 18:03
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> How can I access the slim server database directly?
There are probably other ways but one way is to make sure SlimServer is shut
down so that you don't run into locking issues and then use a hex editor.


2006-07-10, 20:19
It is the strangest thing. Dante's Lament from the Clerks soundtrack always seems to be classified in its own album. So I end up with 2 Clerks albums. One with Dante's Lament and the other with all the rest. I have edited the tag all sorts of ways making extra sure that the ablum title is correct. I have used both Media Monkey and Foobar2000 but everytime I clear and rescan the library this FLAC file comes up in its own album.

I though I could access the database directly and manually change the Album ID.

Any ideas?

2006-07-10, 21:11
Well, you can, but the catch is that you would lose any changes whenever you rescan or when it reads that file and notices that it changed.

I don't know MediaMonkey or Foobar, but as I recall Foobar sort of cheats with tags and keeps its own database... it can lie to you, in other words, about what tags are there. A quick look around shows there is a 'rescan' in Foobar to make it reread tags.

2006-07-10, 22:09
Thanks Snarly

I did a bit a research and found that a few have had various versions of this problem. The fix is to set a field (or property or whatever it is called) in the tag called COMPILATION and give it a value of one. Then Clear and Rescan the library. You must clear and rescan for the tag to take effect.

I used Foobar2000 to do this and it was pretty easy. Highlight the song, right click -> properties. Click on the Add New button.

Unfortunately there was no provision in Media Monkey to add such a field so you will need a good tag editor (like Foobar2000).