View Full Version : Can't get repeat to work on Slimserver computer interface

2006-07-09, 20:49
Using the Slimserver interface on my computer, I browsed to the music folder and clicked on one of the songs and clicked "Play this song." That one song became my playlist and started playing.
I wanted to hear the song again, so while it was still playing, I changed the repeat option to "all."

At the end of the song, no repeat. "Play" is still highlighted as an option, as is the "all" on the repeat line.

To get the song to play again, I clicked "Play"...nothing. Not surprising, since it was already highlighted. I clicked "Skip" and the song played again.

This time, I changed repeat to "One" instead of "All," just to see what would happen. Again, the song went to the end and did not play again.

Any idea what I can do to get the song to loop if I want to hear it several times? Am I doing something wrong?


2006-07-10, 20:56
Does this happen on other people's slimserver interfaces? With a playlist of two or more songs, the "all" and "one" repeat options work fine. If only one song is in the playlist, they don't. If all but one of the songs is deleted from a multi-song playlist while it is playing (and in which the repeat functions work fine), leaving just one song, then the repeat options stop working. Whether it is a bug or not I will leave up to smarter minds then mine, but it SEEMS like the repeat options SHOULD work even with one song in the playlist.

Any thoughts?